“Intimate and poetic; offers viewers a chance to contemplate what it means to give and to receiveā€ Jennie Punter, Globe & Mail (09/07/2010)


“4 Stars. (A) resonant documentary” Norman Wilner, NOW (08/07/2010)


“Delivers an emotional punch” James McNally, Toronto Screen Shots (08/07/2010)


“Quietly wrenching” Jason Anderson, Toronto Star (09/07/2010)


“4 Stars. Andres Livov-Macklin’s fine documentary could have been subtitled Scenes from the Class Struggle in Argentina.” Adam Nayman, Metro (09/07/2010)


“Provides a close-up, on-the-ground view of giving, in all its awkwardness and self-consciousness.” – Chris Knight, National Post (09/07/2010)


“One of the strongest documentaries to touch down in Toronto this year.” – Adam Nayman, A.V.Club (11/05/2012)


“A Place Called Los Pereyra highlights a distant cultural clash” – Joseph Braun, Vue weekly (15/08/2012)


NOW critic’s pick (08/05/2012)


Buenos Aires Herald (15/04/2010)


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